Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tissue Paper Valentine Flowers

        Happy Valentines Day!

Here is the second Valentine that we crafted up over the weekend for my daughters classmates.  She was a big help in prepping these flowers I however separated the tissue layers because she kept on ripping them and was getting frustrated. 

First you take two pieces of tissue paper and stacked on top of one another you cut it into thirds.  So you have long strips. 

You then take four of the long strips and stack them together.  Then you accordion fold them like so...

After that, you take the papers and round the ends with scissors.  Then you make two small slices in the center of the folded papers.  This is where you are going to tie the papers so that they don't fall apart.  I used dental floss to do this.  You can use any string, you can't see it once you finish the flower.

Look close on the orange on to see the side slits.  The bottom photo shows the dental floss tied on.  Secure the floss around the side slits you made.

Next take the flower and spread the fan/accordion apart with your hands and start to separate the tissue papers from one another by lifting and fluffing them. 

This photo shows on side separated into layers.  Then repeat on the other side and you get a flower!

At the store I bought green laffy taffy candies.  I then used my trusty glue gun and attached the flower to the laffy taffy "stem".  Then I cut out leaves from scrapbook paper and the kids addressed them to their class mates.  They are so bright and happy. 

These would also be awesome for teacher appreciation or mothers day.

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