Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Craft!

Hi Friends,

My little ladies have been asking for days now to make their valentines.  They love to do crafts and I wanted to find something they could do themselves.  We came up with two different flowers, one I will be sharing tomorrow as well.  They are both way cute and child friendly. 

To make these you will need

A circle template (we used a CD)
Pencil to trace a swirl (this can be free form)
A glue gun (this was operated by mommy)
Pixie Sticks
Scrapbook paper (We used assorted red and pink prints for the flowers and green for the leaves)

Trace a CD on paper and cut out circles. 

On one side of the paper I traced a line for the kids to cut.  They do not have to follow the lines exactly and they still turn out great.

When its all cut it is one long curly piece of paper (or a snake as my girls called it)
Then you take the end of the snake and start rolling.

My girls did this but I forgot to take a picture so I did one to show you.  You could have kids wrap it around a pencil as well.  They then look like one long ringlet curl.  I took the glue gun and put a dab on the flower base to hold it together.

These ones are pre-glue.

I then cut out flower petals and the kids wrote happy Valentine's day on them. While they were working on that, I glued two pixie sticks together, to act as the stem.  I then attached the flower to the top and their petal to the middle of the "stem" 

They turned out great!  It was fun to watch my little ladies at work.

Make sure to check out tomorrows flower as well.


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Here is the single shot, which I now realize is a little blurry but you get the idea.  You can see the ones in the cup better in this shot!


  1. These turned out super cute! Way to go, girls!

    1. Will you pin a picture of just one Valentine by itself with leaf, stem, and top? Soooo cute!

    2. Yes, I will do that. Thanks!