Sunday, January 8, 2012

day dreaming of summer

I am daydreaming of summer on this very chilly January morning.  We live in the desert.  It has the most beautiful long summers, but we also have a cold spell that can be bitter during the winter months.  We have actually been very lucky this winter to have had some 45-50 degree days lately, perfect for playing outside weather :) 
Our family takes a trip each summer to the Oregon coast as our kick off to summer festivities. We spend hours on the beach playing with cousins, and soaking up the sun, sand, and family. Eating way to much food and creating memories to last a lifetime. 

Daydream with me
 Check out all the driftwood!

One of my favorite mom pass times while on vacation, is spent poking around the adorable shops the town has to offer as well.  While shopping, I saw these wreaths made out of driftwood in a cute little boutique in town, but with a $80 price tag, I had to move on. Well last summer we got out the bucket and the kids walked along picking up pieces of drift wood.  There was a section of beach that was covered in beautiful tiny pieces of wood.  So after we came home the bucket went in the garage until now...

Here's what we started with

I got out my glue gun and created a base to make the wreath on by gluing pieces into a roundish shape.

 From there I just kept layering and putting pieces where seemed to lay best, adhering them with my trusty glue gun.

You keep going and going around and around the circle until you get a look that works for you.  It definitely gets worse before it gets better.  When you start to think, this is not going to turn out, keep gluing and before you know it, it will take shape. 

Here is the finished product.  I hung it in the kids beach themed bathroom.  I think of our fun beach trips every time I look at it! 

  Cost =  a couple of glue sticks.  Much better then the $80 boutique version. :-)

To hang it I just put a really long screw into the wall and hung it by the wood pieces.  You cant even see the screw.

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