Friday, January 6, 2012

Here goes nothing......

A new year allows for new adventures. I have a confession... I LOVE reading decor blogs!!! I wake up in the morning with my cup of coffee and see what the wonderful women of the blogging world have to say for the day, and what new inspiration they will bring.  Since I started reading these blogs I have always had a secret desire to join the ranks.  However I have been way to chicken.  Well today is the day!!

I am going to start off with a new project.  Don't you just love this light fixture?? 

Here is the link the light.

  Anyways I got it and love the black bling on it.  You can never go wrong with a little bling.  But when I got it up I decided that the shades looked a bit cheap and really were not going to work.  After shade shopping for forever I came up with a drum shade in linen from ballard designs.  At $22 a pop I knew I had to give it up.  I already spent to much on the light, I could not justify another $75 purchase.  Well then I decided to go spend $1.75 on a yard and a half of burlap.

Here is the result!  I am in love this is the perfect light for me.  A bit fancy with a rustic, down home feel. 

Ok so like I said I am new to the whole blog thing and was so exciting while I was doing to the project I did not take pictures.  But here is the breakdown of what I did.

Took off the existing shades.  On the top and bottom of the shade was a black ribbon.  I tore that off.  Then I layed out the burlap and wrapped the white shade in it.  I stopped the seam of the burlap along one of the existing ribs of the shade.  I then secured the burlap to the white she with a line of fabric glue along the seam.  I then cut a second thin piece (about one inch) thick of burlap and went around the top of the shade to make it look more finished.  Again, it was secured with fabric glue.  To do the bottom. I cut a bunch of, one inch thick and about 8 inch long, strips of burlap.  You can vary the length and thickness to your aesthetic taste.  Then I took a piece of jute string.  I taped one side of it to the table and then I worked on tying knots.  I just kept tying and sliding them up the jute until it was full.  I then took the piece of jute and tied it around the bottom of the shade.  I secured it to the shade with a bit of hot glue. 

And Viole... so much fun!!!!!



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  1. It looks awesome. I love this addition.