Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Displaying Child Art

How I display my children's art:

Oh how I love the MANY art projects my sweet kids bring home to me on a daily basis.  But I forever struggled with a place to display their projects.  Until now!!! Who knew the solution would be so simple? 

To complete this project you will need:

Two screws per board you use,  these will be how you hang the board. 
A 1x4 piece of pine, 6ft long (chosen because it was the most inexpensive one I could find.)
Paint for the board
Bulldog clips (6 per board)
Tape measure
Super glue, or any type of strong wood glue, such as gorilla glue
A level, for hanging the boards

So first you paint your board.  You can paint it any color you would like to match your decor.  I painted mine using several colors over each other to get a layered look. 

After the board is dry measure out where you want you bulldog clips, these will hang the art.  I measured about six inches in on both ends, then glued those clips down.  From there, I spaced out the remaining four clips at even intervals.  I just eyeballed it, but I am not so into details.  You could evenly measure with your tape measure at this point. 

To hang the board, I used a screw and just went right into the wall on one end. Then set the level on top of the board and leveled it out, then screwed in the other side.  Depending on how much space you have, put up the second board in the same fashion.  I spaced mine two and a half feet apart.  A screw is more then sufficient to hold up the display, child art work is typically light. 

Then start hanging art work up!!

When the art pieces come off of the board, they go into their portfolio.  Sounds fancy I know.  Really its not. I bought three ring binders, the huge 3 inch ones that are on sale during back to school time.  I three hole punch them and stick them in. The kids love to look through their own books, they love to reminisce about each project.   

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  1. This is great, lol I had the same idea! Here is to great minds thinking alike!