Thursday, January 12, 2012

Driftwood Robe Rack For The Kids Beach Bathroom

 So here's how this baby went down.  A whole lot of this was used!

I took a leftover piece of wood, mine happened to be trim molding.  I sprayed it black, in case you were able to see the board through the driftwood pieces.  However, lined up so nicely this was really not a problem. 

 I laid out a mock up of which pieces went well together, then got started.  The driftwood came from our last trip to the beach, you can see how the driftwood wreath was made here.  From there, I applied liquid nails to the trim board, as well as the back of each piece of wood. 

 Then I laid them out on the board. After this was finished I let it dry overnight.  Then in the morning I attached the hardware.  They are knobs from hobby lobby with each kiddos letter on it. 

 I took my drill out and pre-drilled some holes into the wood, then screwed the knob in tight.  I also attached it to the wall using screws, I pre-drilled these holes as well to make the screws easier to put into the wall. 

 The beach bathroom is coming together nicely, and now I have a place to hang the robes!
A double bonus.   

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