Saturday, January 7, 2012

Taking a classic and making it work in a new space

 I do love the new trend of taking books covers off and tying them up with string.  They give a great sense of texture and I am loving the subtle color. However in my house the large walls are a subtle color so I was looking to recreate something similar, with a twist.  I love pieces that hold meaning.  So I went to my moms library and collected some books.  

The first one to catch my eye was the Bobbsey Twins as the Seashore.  It was signed on the inside by by grandmother in 1945.  She passed away while I was in high school, and I love hanging onto every memory I can of her.

The second one I had to have was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  This was the first book my father remembered reading as a child, and he also signed the inside. 

 The other I picked with significant meaning was Spoken French,  this was my mothers book from when she learned to speak french.  It is also signed on the inside with her address. 

I then marched myself over to Hobby Lobby and bought a fun roll of ribbon.  I choose something a little wild with the beautiful classic fringe on the side.  I got the ribbon for 50% off, (never buy anything at Hobby Lobby for full price!)

I then cut a large section of ribbon and stacked the book in order from largest to smallest.  I wrapped the ribbon around the books like a package and tied a bow at the top.  I used wired ribbon to help the bow stay peppy looking. 

Before you tie the bow, I find it helpful to have one side of the ribbon longer then the other.  The short side is the one you make your initial loop with and the long side comes second.  It allows for the tails of the ribbon to come out roughly the same, and then I trim the access.

Final product was this.  Not only pretty but VERY meaningful to me as well.

Again here are the books in the living room.  I love to take old and re purpose.  That blue coffee table was my great grandmothers.  It has been with me since I have owned my own home and it has been every color under the sun.  I love vintage things sprinkled in with new things.  It brings such a cozy feel to a room. 

Happy Saturday!


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